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Climate change vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Economics
Water Resources Management
Environmental Management
Impact Assessment
Business Dynamics and Feasibility Studies

EL Mondo boasts of highly qualified and experienced personnel  who are conversant with financial and economic analysis of business. The company frequently employs systems dynamics model, system thinking approach to gain insight on business environment under which a company operates and also on the internal structure of the business that affects its performance. We also do feasibility and viability of public and private projects using Cost Benefits Analysis, Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis and Optimization Models.

The Company has highly experienced Socio-economic and Physical Modellers who are capable and well equipped to carry out socio-economic and environmental impact assessments. The company uses System Thinking and Dynamic Models to conduct impact assessment studies for various fields such as economic, social, health, agricultural systems and climate change.

El Mondo has a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel to provide comprehensive consultancy on water resources management for both surface and groundwater resources. These issues range from water resources assessment, development, management and projections for engineering applications using state of the art models and equipment.

We have expertise and highly experienced personnel in undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment and Archeological Impact Assessment for proposed developments. In addition, we conduct environmental audits to assess compliance of companies to environmental performance standards. Lastly, the company does comprehensive Environmental Management Plans for a wide range of projects.

We conduct climate change vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation assessment to determine the low GHG emissions pathways

The company has a team of experts who have experience in teaching at the university levels and also short courses. The company trains in environmental economics, environmental modelling, climate change, health and safety and in business proposal writing.

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