Green and ecosystem based solutions for prosperity under changing climates


We all deserve a clean, safe environment in which to live.
Business Dynamics

Anticipate the future accurately.

Project Appraisal

Assessing the viability of a proposed project

Environmental Economics

Financial impact of environmental policies

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies

Responding to climate change

Environmental Management

Managing environmental systems

Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management

Dynamic interrelationships with nature

Why Choose Us

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that your company will get from El-Mondo

People First

Nothing can be succesful without partnerships

High Skill

With a pool of experts to give your project the boost it needs


Our work is of the highest professional and ethical standards and establish trust


We base our actions for clients on environmental responsibility and social and economic advancement.

Projects Completed
People Impacted
Years of Experience

Greener solutions for the world

Questions & Answers

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions for you to understand us better.

EL Mondo brings together professionals from diverse disciplines with complementary skills, on a uniquely global scale. The depth of expertise and the sheer numbers of specialists allow EL Mondo  to take on complex, strategic projects.

EL Mondo is a consultancy firm that specializes in

  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies
  • Business Dynamics
  • Project Appraisal (Feasibility And Viability Assessment)
  • Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment And  Environmental Audits
  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Modelling

We are a global company currently operating  in the following countries Botswana, Bahamas and Namibia.

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Let’s Bring Nature Into Your Business

We are a global company currently operating  in the following countries Botswana, Bahamas and Namibia. 

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